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What Is Biorism?

The essence of Biorismis cutting-edge scientific innovations and inventions developed under the patented Sil2U Technology, in perfect harmony with elements of holistic wellness. We bring these two together to empower you to create a personal space that supports your search for wellness, peace of mind, happiness and freedom from dangers.

Leading The Future
Fabrication Technology

Because the skin is the biggest organ on our body and the most exposed. Therefore our contact with fabrics is an important front in our path to good health  and a balanced body and mind. Biorism fabrication technology provides the medium that conveys this innovative essence of holistic wellness.

The Drive Behind

Biorism's objective is to deliver internal and external protection in this increasingly hazardous world. We believe that we can achieve this with our nanotechnology inventions. While medical science is addressing the internal threats, Biorism comes in to mitigate the external dangers, using common daily and household routines as measures to create wellness for you and your family.

Values That Defines Us




Towards Zero

Thoroughly Tested In Multiple
Labs Across Europe.

WHAT WE DO > Behind the solutions is an intensive and rigorous workflow that guarantees excellent results, with proven effectiveness.

All Products Are Results
Proven, Certified & Patented.

All our testimonials come with supporting test reports from Europe and Asia. Our R&D is advanced and specialised, and we are constantly looking for enhancements to maintain our high standard and quality. All our solutions will undergo an intensive testing process by independent prestige laboratories in Europe & Asia.

Our Anti Covid Solution is certified to kill 99.9% ANKARA Virus aka Covid-19 Virus. View test report here.

Tested Against ANKARA virus & Certified As Covid-19 Killer.

Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics (Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of viricidal activity in the medical area)

Virus used: Modified vaccinia virus ANKARA (MVA) reference virus for Sars & other Coronaviruses. Result: Care Us formulation was tested for contact during 5 minutes, with viral reduction more than 99.99 %.


The Possibilities Are

Nanotechnology seeks to control and use materials at the smallest achievable scale, and this approach has revolutionised the way we live in unnoticed ways. It is at the core of products upon which we have become deeply dependent.


Nanotechnology inventions and possibilities are endless. We are here to help you bring your business to the next level.


Nanotechnology carries a significant impact, and serves as a revolutionary and beneficial technology across various industrial domains, including transportation, agriculture, materials & manufacturing, consumer products, and households. Emerging use cases and application is expected to be one of the key factors contributing towards the growth of nanotechnology market size.


Nanotechnology has the potential to help enable innovation in manufacturing, through the digitisation of industry known more generally as Industry 4.0, and by a deeper understanding of materials leading to improved practices.