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In Biorism's world view, Wellness & Protection from an increasingly hazardous environment, should not be something that is extraneous to the things you are already doing and the lifestyles you are living. It should be part of your routine.
So with Biorism, the essence of wellness, health, beauty and protection from harmful elements, is in the clothes you wear, the sofa you sit on and the pillow and bed you lie on.
It’s in the curtains and drapes that hang on in your home and its in your travel gear.
It's there in your kitchen and your office workstations.
It’s in your kid’s running shoes and socks, it’s in your outdoor gear and your baby cot and the doggy bed.
It’s in the tissues and wipes you use.
With ongoing R&D and in collaboration with certified laboratories in Europe, Biorism delivers a growing list of concentrates and products that benefit and protect you from all manner of hazards that come through the biggest organ of the human body, the human skin.
Because these elements of wellness are in the form of nanoparticles, the positive effects of Biorism’s products lasts longer than normal, giving you tremendous cost savings.
With Biorism, mundane things become instruments of wellness.
Why is Biorism Relevant?
Biorism is not an inorganic entity. The company consists of ordinary people who face all the same challenges you face.
We know the constraints of time and resources. And we are aware of the challenges people face when trying to make a living, strive for success and at the same time incorporate elements of wellness and safety in their lives and the lives of loved ones.
Biorism was founded in direct response to how the world has changed and we bring into this response, the best in biochemistry and nanotechnology, delivered to you in a lifestyle that you are already living, only better.
Our Solutions

Applications: Surface Spray, Surface Wipes,
Body Wipes, Laundry Wash & Others.
* Each application certified to be effective
for up to 1 week

Applications: Socks, Stockings & Foot Spray
* Each application lasts up to 30
regular washes

Applications: Face Mask & Other Masks
* Each application lasts up to 48 hours

Applications: Hijab, Hijab Caps,
Sports Cap & Head Scarves
* Each application lasts up to 30 washes

Applications: Spray, Moisturiser,
Body Wipes
* Each application lasts up to 6-8 hours

Applications: Pillow Cases, Bed Sheets,
* Each application lasts up to 30 washes

Applications: Yoga Clothes, Sports
Clothes, Body Suit, Innerwear,
* Each application lasts up to 30 washes

Applications: Apparel and fabric

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Explore Biorism’s customized solutions, tailored to your products and brands. Find out how Biorism’s range of nanotechnology solutions can give your products and brand an advantage.