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Infusing wellness into
everyday fabrics
For too long, wellness has been based around
taking the right vitamins, drinking the right
smoothies or choosing the right skincare.
Biorism’s mission is to weave wellness into the
fabric of everyday life with ease.
Protect, revive
and enhance
Leveraging cutting-edge nanotechnology, our
functionalised solutions are versatile and long-lasting.
From anti-insomnia pillows to hair nourishing
headscarves, we create customized, tested, and
patented products that give brands a competitive edge.
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Partner with us in creating cutting edge textiles, yarns, or
garments that will give you a powerful competitive edge, set
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BIORISM™ – wearable wellness woven into daily life
Smart fabrics infused with formulas that soothe, protect and nourish
Welcome to the world of Biorism, where wellness is woven into the fabric of everyday life. Where clothing, bed linens and other everyday textiles are infused with proven active ingredients that benefit body and soul. And where cutting-edge nanotechnology becomes part of our fitness and leisure wear.
Elevating Wellness Through Everyday Essentials
Our skin is everything—let’s start protecting it
Our skin is the biggest organ in your body. It deserves to be nourished and nurtured from top to toe—whether that’s protecting our scalp from dryness or our feet from tiredness. Yet for too long, we’ve wrapped ourselves in clothing and textiles that don’t always benefit our skin. From scratchy clothing to overheated bed lined, we haven’t harnessed the power of textiles to boost our wellbeing.
Biorism is changing all that by creating a range of intelligent fabrics that keep our skin soft, soothed and safeguarded all day long with powerful, proven active ingredients.
Join the Intelligent Textile Revolution
Biorism is the future of smart fabrics and intelligent textiles. Our mission is to weave wellness into the fabric of everyday life with ease. We want to take wellbeing beyond fitness and vitamins into a 360 wellness world—one where health and protection is infused into the clothes we wear and the homeware we choose. 
Our products are designed to boost wellness in a way that’s both cutting-edge and simple. Best of all, our nano textiles are wash-resistant, meaning the active ingredients keep working even after multiple laundries. 
Collaborate with Us as a Brand or Business
We don’t think that fabrics should be static product any longer—they should be active and smart, enhancing our body and mind from top to toe. This way we can create panoramic wellness in the wardrobe, home, workplace and beyond. 
That’s why we are currently partnering with fabric manufactures, yarn makers, and garment factories across the globe to create innovative solutions and products. From body-toning clothing, to super soft and light materials for leisurewear, to bedding and pillows infused with sleep-boosting CBD, we’re totally transforming textile. 
Why not partner with us in creating a cutting edge textiles, yarns, or garment that will give you a powerful competitive edge, set you apart in the industry—and potentially change how you do business forever? Let’s start creating a smart fabrics of the future together.