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Biorism’s range of functionalised applications (solutions/concentrates) and products

1. Biorism™ 360°
Applications: Surface Spray, Surface Wipes, Body Wipes, Laundry Wash & Others.
* Each application certified to be effective for up to 1 week

2. Biorism™ FOOTSOFT
Applications: Socks, Stockings & Foot Spray
* Each application lasts up to 30 regular washes

Applications: Face Mask & Other Masks
* Each application lasts up to 48 hours

4. Biorism™ HAIRSPA®️
Applications: Hijab, Hijab Caps, Sports Cap & Head Scarves
* Each application lasts up to 30 washes

Applications: Spray, Moisturiser, Body Wipes
* Each application lasts up to 6-8 hours

6. Biorism™ REZWELL ANTI-INSOMNIA (Pillowcases with CBD) *Only available in Biorism Europe & coming soon Oct 2022
Applications: Pillow Cases, Bed Sheets, T-shirts
* Each application lasts up to 30 washes

Applications: Yoga Clothes, Sports Clothes, Body Suit, Innerwear, Underwear
* Each application lasts up to 30 washes

8. Biorism™ Shiatsu (with Pressure Points To Induce Emotional Stability, Anti-Stress & Skin Hydration Properties.
Applications: Yoga Clothes, Sports Clothes, Pyjamas

8. Airdry Biorism Apparel & Microfiber Fabric
Applications: Apparel and fabric


Biorism 360° is today the leading name in effective and long lasting protection against the COVID-19 threat.

This claim is based on rigid medical-grade tests performed laboratories with GLP Certification.
It is one of the few disinfectants that has actually been tested on Ankara MVA virus, the reference virus for Covid-19 vaccines.


• Covers a wider scope of germs, bacteria
viruses. Protects and prevents threats
Covid-19 Virus, Bacteria, Fungi, Spores, Mildew, Microbes, Staphylococcus, Klebsiella.

• Long lasting and protects from 48hrs up
7 days depending on use and application.
means great cost savings.

• Eco-sensitive: Bio-compatible and less

• Highly versatile and may be used on a
range of porous and non-porous
• May be used on the skin as medical wipes.
• Safe for adults, children and pets.

Anti Covid-19
Tested against a broad range of
virus such as SARS CoV 2

Anti Virus
Tested against a broad range of
virus such as H1N1

Anti Bacteria
Effective against broad range of
bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus
Anti Spores
Proven to kill deadly germs on a treated
article within minutes
Anti Fungal
Effective against range of fungus
such as Aspergillus
Anti Mildew
Effective against range of milde
 such as candida albicans

Suitable for:

• Surface Wipes
• Body Wipes
• Floor Cleaner

• Detergent
• Hand Sanitiser
• Home and Industrial Disinfection

Note: In the test reports, all mentions of "Biorism 360°" refer to the Anti Covid-19 Solution

distributed as CovidSafe and nanOh Tech brand, distributed by Biorism Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

Tested and Certified by European Laboratories with GLP Certification

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The result is the infusion of important nutrients such as Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, honey extract and Citriodiol® into FOOTSOFT socks. As the nature of the human skin is to absorb the chemicals and elements of the fabric it comes in contact with. With FOOTSOFT, your feet is being nourished and repaired each minute you wear your socks. The synthesis of nanotechnology in the process ensures constant and long lasting nourishment, protection and benefits for your feet.


• Prevent and repairs cracked heel
• Locks moisture into the skin of your feet
• Softens feet and reduce impact of walking and
running and foot fatigue
• Contains anti-aging properties & foot revitalizing
• Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. Eliminates foot odor.
• Prevents onset of Athlete’s Foot (tinea pedis)


Dry Feet & Cracked Heels

Athlete's Foot (Tinea pedis)

Insect Bite

Painful Sole

Avoiding Foot Infections


Material suitable for solution: Cotton, Bamboo, Microfiber, MicroModal, Nylon.
Socks Type: Full Length, Quarter Length, Half Length, Ankle Length, No Show, Liner.

Sports Sock
Hiking Socks

Muslimah Socks
Outdoor & Outback Socks
Running & Distance Running Socks

Trekking Performance Socks

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ANTI-WRINKLE FORMULA by BIORISM™, turns your Covid-19 face mask into a BEAUTY MASK.

Biorism’s Anti-Wrinkle Formula contains nano-particles of PROTE® SPRING 930, FUCOGEL®, NEOSSANCE™ SQUALENE, which are
proven moisturizing and 
anti-wrinkle agents used in luxurious beauty products.

This unique formulation has been developed for Biorism in Europe by certified laboratories that combines proven beautycare formulas with
nanotechnology to that the goodness contained in the Anti-Wrinkle Formula is developed via your face mask.

Wearing your face mask as a precaution to Covid-19 now becomes part of your beauty regime.

BENEFITS TO USERS (When applied to face mask)

• Revitalizes skin texture, helps soothe inflamed skin
• Breathable comfort
• Processed with using nanotechnology to contain effects
after wash
• Absorbs moisture from the surface quickly, keeping
you sweat & odor free
• Keep skin free from synthetic fibers of
disposable & 
fabric masks that cause wrinkle and
• UV Protection

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HAIRSPA® is just the innovation women, especially Muslimahs, have been waiting for! After years of development, finally now, being modest does not
mean you have to bear with discomfort, unhealthy hair and a suffocated scalp.

HAIRSPA® by BIORISM™, is an innovative formulation developed in Europe by certified laboratories. 
It is specially formulated for scarves, hijabs and fabrics that come into contact with hair. It is based on silica particles loaded with a novel and gentle all-around
solution for restoring a healthy, balanced scalp. 


Improve the scalp barrier cohesion Reinforce scalp natural defenses by offering an anti-dandruff protection

• Improve the scalp barrier cohesion Reinforce scalp natural defenses by offering an anti-dandruff protection

• Hair becomes shinier, softer and tangle-free
• Anti-Odor and healthier scalp
• Scalp purifying & protection
• Adds to overall comfort and well-being

Improves Scalp Barrier Cohesion

Reduce Hair Loss


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ANTI-INSECT ADDITIVE by BIORISM™, Particles loaded IR3535®, is an innovative formulation
developed in Europe by certified laboratories. It is a product which combines biochemistry & nanotechnology.

Biorism Protect’s️ BENEFITS:

 100% DEET FREE. Recommneded by WHO

• Lasting insect repellency against mosquitoes and
flying or crawling insects

• Shields you without harming your health or the

• Safe repellent with excellent toxicological data Broad
• Nothing absorbs into the bloodstream
• No Skin irritation, No odor, No side effects, Safe for
human & pets

Suitable for:

• Spray
• Wipes
• Additive
• Lotion/Cream
• Textile softner
• Additive
• Textile finishing
• Spray

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Biorism™ REZWELL ANTI-INSOMNIA (Pillowcases with CBD) *Only available in Biorism Europe & coming soon Oct 2022

RezWell, uses elements in CBD that is a scientifically proven to improve rest, sleep quality and wellbeing. 

The benefits of RezWell are:

• Stabilise your sleep pattern, giving you the much needed rejuvenating sleep;

• Calms the nerves and stabilise the mood;

• Reduce stress;

• Support immune system

One investigation found that, compared with a placebo, a CBD dosage of 160 milligramsTrusted Source (mg) increased sleep duration. The researchers also concluded that the placebo, 5 mg of the insomnia drug nitrazepam, and 40, 80, and 160 mg of CBD helped the participants fall asleep.

Levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, typically peakTrusted Source in the morning, but people with insomnia may have high cortisol levels at night. Independent of insomnia, having high cortisol levels at night is associated with an increasedTrusted Source number of nighttime awakenings.

In one study on the effects of CBD, researchers found that cortisol levels decreased more significantly when participants took 300 or 600 mgTrusted Source of CBD oil. These results suggest that CBD affects the release of cortisol, possibly acting as a sedative.

A more recent analysisTrusted Source of CBD and sleep recruited 103 participants who had anxiety or poor sleep. The researchers studied the effects of CBD combined with those of other prescribed medications. Source:

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Biorism™ ANTI-CELLULITE is specially for textiles application, based on silica particles loaded with an unique patented molecule obtained by a biotechnological process, using an Omega 5 fatty acid from pomegranate seed oil (Punica granatum) and Tyrosol. Pomegranate seed oil, which is rich in punicic acid, can reduce the build-up of lipids. Tyrosol is used to combat cellulite-related oxidant stress. 

The benefits of Anti-Cellulite Formula are:

• Improves skin laxity and firmness

• Reduces fibrous partitions between fat cells.

• Improve your shape with these high waist anti-cellulite

• Gives support and control to the abdominal area

Cellulite is caused by a buildup of fat underneath the skin. Some women are more predisposed to it than others. The amount of cellulite you have and how noticeable it is can be based on your genes, body fat percentage, and age. The thickness of your skin also affects the appearance of cellulite.

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Airdry Biorism™ - Functionalized Apparel and Microfiber Fabric

Fabrication Technology X Nanotechnology giving you 'Clothes That Work For You'

The benefits of Airdry Microfiber™ are:

Active Series

Kids Series

Collaboration Series

Comfort Series

Sporting Series

• Durable - Due to it's strong fibers,
microfiber products doesn't run out of shape. It's effectiveness maintain even after many usage.

• Functional - Microfiber fabric can be paired with Antibacterial, Anti-UV and Anti-Insect properties, providing not only style but also benefits.

• Easy to care - Wrinkle-free and stain resistant; dries quickly after wash.

• Breathable - Microfiber is generally lightweight
and breathable due to it's thin fibers, allowing
the fabric to be extra light and soft on the skin.

Microfiber is made of ultra-thin fibers that are woven together to create a lightweight and comfortable fabric. These fibers have diameters of less than 10 microfiber metres and denier weights of less than 0.7D, making microfiber one of the world’s finest type of textile fiber.

Airdry Microfiber™ Fabric Technology is unique in its ability to enhance sensations conveyed by the material as it relates to our individualised sense of touch. The purpose of clothing can now go beyond funcion and style but extends also to feel.

All Airdry Microfiber products are designed with the four elements of nature in mind. With Airdry Microfiber™, our products are made to offer you a sense of relaxation, breathability, balance and the feeling of being energetic.

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