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Infusing wellness into
everyday fabrics
For too long, wellness has been based around
taking the right vitamins, drinking the right
smoothies or choosing the right skincare.
Biorism’s mission is to weave wellness into the
fabric of everyday life with ease.
Protect, revive
and enhance
Leveraging cutting-edge nanotechnology, our
functionalised solutions are versatile and long-lasting.
From anti-insomnia pillows to hair nourishing
headscarves, we create customized, tested, and
patented products that give brands a competitive edge.
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BIORISM™ – wearable wellness woven into daily life
What does Biorism mean?
Bio: The study of human beings and living organisms, their interactions with the environment and the defining factors that could impact them positively or negatively
-ism: The study and mastery of a cause for a specific subject
On their own, they represent very specific definitions.
Together, they represent the ongoing innovations in medical and bioengineering with the aim of redefining how humans approach well-being and healthcare management.
Basics of Biorism
Everyday use of health supplements, skincare, and well-being support have grown into must-do activities over the last decade. The pursuit of better health and a higher quality of life began as a luxury in selected regions around the world and has now become a worldwide phenomenon.
Biorism, in its bid to make well-being and health management accessible to all and elevate the understanding of wellness management, carried out extensive lab research to create and pioneer a new innovation that delivers nutrients, vitamins, restorative, and healing compounds in a new yet fundamental manner – through the human skin. In essence, this delivery method utilizes the intimate relationship between the human skin and the clothes we wear, the surfaces we touch, and the things we come into contact with in our daily lives.
The Science
Using nano-scale tech and molecular manipulation to bind the nutrients to fabrics; various surfaces that are used and interacted with; and in new and unexplored ways that boost healthcare and wellness management, Biorism is poised to redefine not just the textile industry, but in how nutrients and supplements will be delivered in a more effective manner.
Why Biorism?
Biorism believes there is an existing gap for general healthcare and well-being management – the method of delivery for better wellness and overall health. Today, there are a few modes of delivery for medicine and supplements – topical; respiratory and digestive; and contact of the skin.
Biorism, with its patented technology and extensive research work that it developed closely with the University of Minho in Portugal, introduces a new delivery concept via: 
  • Fabrics that humans interact with and use daily
  • Surfaces that act as dining locations and furniture for work and play
  • Spots where most work and/or lounge in or act as specific locations to rest and dine
With Biorism, these ordinary interactions are functionalised to become wellness tools that have been imbued with the power to protect, enhance, and rehabilitate.